Japanese Language

Japanese Language


Japanese is taught as our Language Other Than English (LOTE).


Students in grades 3 - 6 have a lesson once per week with a specialist Japanese teacher. They learn Japanese language, speaking, reading and writing. They also learn about Japanese culture, particularly through our partnership with Higashi Primary School in Kofu. A group of Level 4 students and teachers visited Higashi last year and the experience was outstanding.

An awared winning video was made of the experience which you can view below:


Students in grades Prep - 4 experience Japanese culture through the International Internship Program. Begun 15 years ago, the program involves a Japanese university graduate visiting Kalinda for 6-12 months and staying with our families for 6 weeks at a time. The Interns pay their own way to Australia and work free of charge to the school.


Interns love to stay with our families and experience Australian lifestyle first hand and build onto their knowledge of English. Families enjoy taking the Interns on outings and family events and learning Japanese language. Of course, the school benefits by having a wonderful young person eagerly teaching our children about a different culture.

in 2014 a group of students from Grades 5 & 6 will be visiting our sister school Higashi Primary School as well as Lilyvale Private School. Our last trip was in 2012 and was a great sucess. Children stayed with families from these schools to enrich the whole experience. They  plan to visit cities such as Tokyo, Nikko, and Saitarma, as well as Narita.

Kalinda also proudly runs a Japanese film making group once a week at lunch times. This group has won several awards for the Japanese language films they produce.