Kalinda Primary School Canteen



At Kalinda we are very lucky to have a large group of parent volunteers which enables us to open the Canteen on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for snacks, school lunches and over the counter sales.  It is closed on Tuesdays for food preparation, however, icy poles and over the counter snacks are still available. 


We have just introduced some new options for busy families.  We offer a Complete Lunchbox for the low price of $6, which includes enough food to cover all times of the day.  The canteen is also open before school for a short period to purchase fresh fruit or vegetables, and sweet or savoury snacks for recess.


Menu items, with the exception of a few, are produced right here at the canteen using fresh ingredients which reduces the need to use added preservatives, colours and flavours.  This way we can also reduce and control the sodium, fat and sugar intake. We do not use any nut products or sesame products in our kitchen.  We do, however, use eggs in some of our baking and can be found in some pasta dishes. Our menu contains items which cater for a large range of dietary requirements.


Wherever possible we try to reduce the amount of single use waste; students are encouraged to use reusable lunch bags when they order their food.  Stickybeaks lunchbags are sold through the Canteen. 


With the change of seasons comes the change of menus.  Our Summer menu, along with the regular items, is filled with very tasty salads, sushi rolls, rice paper rolls, salad wraps, to name but a few. 


The Winter menu is filled with hot rolls, baked potatoes with toppings, home made pizzas, nachos, burgers and a variety of delicious hot meals.


Towards the end of each term we run a Special Food Day.  This could be a Hot Cross Bun Day, Hot Dog Day, Pie Day, Donut Day, or other “treats”. This is purely an optional event and it’s also a chance for parents who may not have time throughout the year to volunteer, to come in and help out.


If you wish to discuss the menu we would welcome any suggestions or pop in and chat to the Canteen Manager any morning of the week. 






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