The Kalinda Canteen prides itself on providing the students with healthy homemade foods all cooked on the school premises. This is easily achieved with the recent kitchen renovations and installation of a commercial size oven.


We have two menus - a Summer Menu running Term 1 and Term 4 - and a Winter Menu running Term 2 and Term 3. Alongside the Winter Menu we run the KPS Soup Café on Thursdays. This enables the students to order a delicious bowl of homemade soup and dinner roll in a Café style environment.


Lunch orders and over-the-counter sales are available Mondays, Wednesday through Friday. The Canteen is closed on Tuesdays.

Please note that some items cooked in our Canteen contain egg. If you re concerned regarding any ingredients, please contact the office or Canteen Manager for a full ingredient list.






Justine Watson

Canteen Manager






Canteen Policy


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